Investment planning forms a critical part of our client’s personal financial planning. As well as being an essential part of managing your wealth, it is an inherent part of pension planning as well; both when accumulating assets before retirement and managing pension assets in retirement.

At Cresswell Cadenhead & Co. Ltd, we will endeavour to manage your investments in a sensible, reasonably costed manner to try to achieve the best market return possible in line with your tolerance to investment risk. Our approach is very bespoke; we do not offer a packaged solution and the final approach is reached in consultation with you and looking carefully at a number of important factors.

It is extremely important for us to understand:

  • Your knowledge and experience of investments
  • Your understanding of risk and volatility
  • Your capacity for investment loss and fluctuation in investment values
  • Your overall objectives
  • Your need for income

An integral part of our advice is to ensure that we are looking for the most tax efficient solution, because tax planning is an important aspect of our advice.

Investments are generally quite straightforward.  It is often the way that they are packaged and set up that can be complicated.  Our understanding of investment markets and the taxation treatment of the investment or pension products will help us to guide you to the most appropriate solution.

Our approach is to ensure that we fully understand your circumstances, are in full receipt of information regarding your personal situation and we would then produce recommendations in writing so that we can discuss these in detail.  We would always seek to diversify an investment portfolio, ensuring that you have sufficient readily available cash assets to cover short term expenditure or emergencies.  Our approach to investment is long term; we seek to reduce risk and volatility as much as possible and trust well managed investment solutions to provide above average returns over the longer term.

In the current environment of low interest rates and low inflation, it is increasingly difficult to provide a high return on investments.  Hence, we look carefully at investment costs and charges, use tax efficient solutions and quite importantly, ensure that we undertake regular reviews.  An important aspect of our advice is an annual review of your overall situation; not just the underlying investment funds, but your total personal situation.  As part of our annual reviews, we introduce discussion on events that will happen in the future; preparing for retirement, considering inheritance tax planning and ensuring that your Will is up to date.

In a fast changing world and constantly changing legislation, we seek to keep our clients up to date on a regular basis and are always open to answer questions that are relevant to you.