Cresswell Cadenhead & Co Ltd (“CC”) have established a simple set of principles, which drive us towards our primary objective of putting our clients’ interests first and this is at the heart of how we operate.

We are focused on delivering high quality financial planning advice to our clients and we are passionate about the work that we do. Our core values are closely aligned to the Chartered Insurance Institute’s Code of Ethics and we want to be open and transparent and provide clear information that is perceived as good value for money.

We have a team ethos and want all our employees to be friendly, enthusiastic, helpful and knowledgeable. We are committed to improvement through training and study and would like our clients to be able to speak to anybody at CC and feel that they know who you are and that they are looking after your best interests.

Client Care

We provide a bespoke, professional financial planning advice service. We work, as a team, in partnership with our clients to provide not only financial advice, but meaningful guidance about protecting the lifestyle that they want for themselves and their loved ones.


We believe in constant education and improvement for the whole team. We are constantly learning and keeping up-to-date with developments in the industry and wider financial sector. Continuing Professional Development is not a chore or a necessity, it is an enjoyable aspect of our role. We are fiercely independent and always seek the best solution to a problem, not the easiest one.


We act, always, with the highest ethical standards and integrity. We seek to provide our clients with a high standard of service and we act in your best interests. We are committed to treating people fairly. We will respect our legal obligations, retain appropriate records and look after the personal data that we hold.


We aim to work with our clients in a partnership to help achieve their objectives. We also work with other organisations or people that share our beliefs, if we need to refer our clients to someone with expertise outside our sphere of advice. We will also work closely with your other professional advisers; solicitors, accountants, and any other advisers, to ensure that you are receiving co-ordinated advice.


We care about our clients and want to know and understand their financial situation. We regard ourselves as fully accountable for the delivery of timely, accurate, technically sound, pertinent and highly valuable advice.


We want you to be able to contact us when you have any concerns or anything that you want to discuss. We make sure that we are available during business hours. We do not want to present any barriers and are always open to discussion.

Long-term relationships

Our ethos is built around a long-term relationship and central to that is the regular review meetings. We like to meet our clients at least every year, which is sound business practice and it ensures that we keep up-to-date with any changes in their circumstances and can monitor long-term objectives, to keep them on track.


We want our clients to think that we are motivated, work hard, but enjoy what we do. This will help us to achieve our objective to deliver high quality advice. We have an open-plan office, we discuss what is happening throughout the day and all our team can talk knowledgeably about our business.

Our Ethos

We want you, as one of our clients, to understand what we do and feel that you had enough trust in us to refer us to other members of your family or one of your like-minded friends.